100 Pack of 150mm (6″) Weed Control Fabric & Netting Securing Pegs

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Ideal for holding down mulch mats or ground cover. They come in 100mm or 150mm long with a wide head, made from a black durable plastic. Just gently tap in.

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Yuzet offer the consumer the best quality fabric anchor pegs in the market. We’re so confident you’ll agree with us we’ve actually stamped the product with our trademark (see image ). This has ensured consistent quality and returning clients.

There are all types of pegs out there but Yuzet Anchor Pegs have been designed, moulded and manufactured to match the needs of the landscaping world. There tough, one piece and produced from re-cycled material.

Each and everyone of our pegs are produced right here in the UK in the most efficient way possible. From mould to finished product you’ll be buying UK manufactured goods.

Another unique feature of Yuzet Anchor Pegs is constructing them with a carry bar , ensuring you can carry 20 pegs easily and comfortably to the area your working on. Yes, the days of dropping pegs everywhere are now long gone thanks to Yuzet


  • What are they used for ;


Securing and Anchoring Various Landscaping Fabrics to the soil or surface.

Yuzet Anchor Pegs Specification ;

15cm (150mm) in length
Barbed construction ensures “anti pull”
Large Head ( Diameter 30cm ) ensures fabric lock
Safer than metal pins in garden installs where cables may be buried
Various Quantities Available
One piece construction stops heads breaking off
Made from re-cycled plastics here in the UK
Will pierce through any fabrics
Extremely strong
UV Stabilised


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1 review for 100 Pack of 150mm (6″) Weed Control Fabric & Netting Securing Pegs

  1. Sally

    Good service fast delivery. Just about to order some more.

    These pegs are good, with firm grip and nice large heads. Holds the fabric down nice and securely.

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