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Plant Labels

Our plant labels section offers a range to cover most applications of plant labelling, from standard labels in various sizes to T labels and Angled Head Labels we’re sure you’ll find what you need.

Tree Care

We offer a comprehensive range of ties in this section for shrubs, early planting and trees. Various sizes and materials are available including our award winning super soft tree ties.

Growers Sundries

This section of products supplies everything related to supporting plants during various stages of their growth pattern. From basic bamboo canes to plant rings, supports and connectors, you’ll find them all here.

Planting a large tree?

If your planting a large tree “staking” is necessary ( like fruit trees ), smaller trees should be fine without a stake.

You should make sure you stake the tree as soon as you plant it, check the stake every 6 months and any ties too, remember if the ties are too tight they may damage the stems (Use super soft ones ). Once the tree can stand unsupported in the earth remove the stakes, ( usually in fruit trees around 12 – 18months but best check before releasing.).

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