Tree Care

Secure Sapling With Our Tree Care Products

Super Soft Tree Ties

These ties are uniquely produced in black “soft” rubber, they have grooves moulded into the construction which prevents damage to tree bark as it develops.

Very quick to fit, the tie acts as a cushion or separator between the tree and the support stake. We’ve treated these with a UV inhibitor so they won’t stiffen due to exposure and they stretch with the tree growth making these extremely economical.( 3 sizes available)


Soft Buckle Tree Ties

Produced from PVC these come with a hooped collar and spacer. With a multitude of uses around the garden , main one being tree support .(3sizes available)


Adjustable Shrub/Small Tree Ties

Single shrub ties are used to tie light climbers, shrubs and small trees. Made from green polyethylene material, it’s extremely durable and weather resistant.( 2 sizes ).

Double tree ties for light applications of young or small trees , used to tie the sibling to support canes or stakes, one loop goes round stake the other around the tree. ( 1 size


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