Ground Re-inforcement


Geotextiles ( not to be confused with ground cover or weedfabrics ) are used to separate aggregates underground. Geotextiles ( woven ) are used in groundwork projects to provide separation reinforcement, filtration and stabilisation.

Non Woven

Non woven fibre needle punched geotextiles have been produced to meet optimum performance in separation and filtration layers. Examples of where you’ll find these products is underneath slabs ( under the sand and on top of the sub base )

Grass mesh

We sell thousands of metres each year of this product which is primarily used on top of grass or fields as temporary car parking or where heavy foot traffic areas are predicted ( such as golf courses ). Once installed allows the grass to grow through.

How to Install Shed Base Tiles

Need to know how to install YUZET® Shed Base Tiles?

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How to Install Grass Mesh

Need to know how to install YUZET® Grass Mesh?

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Should I Use Woven or Non Woven Geotextiles?

We would recommend that non woven geotextiles are used in filter ( drainage ) and separation applications in your garden.

Woven Geotextiles can also be used for filter and separation of aggregates with the added advantage of being used for stabilisation and slope re-nforcement.

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