Ground Cover Fabric

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Yuzet® ground cover is a quality woven weed control membrane with lines to help planting

When using our ground cover fabric there is no need for chemicals or removal of weeds, you can simply strim down vegetation to ground level and ensure no tough fibrous stalks or weeds can tear the fabric then lay it.

We always recommend using Yuzet® pegs to anchor the edges.

Benefits of Yuzet® Ground cover

  • 100GSM
  • Allows Air & Liquids to pass through to the soil
  • Can be used under decking without a mulch
  • Uses for weed control, Under Decking, Creating Organic Soil, Aggregate Garden Paths, Aggregate Driveway.

Ground Cover exposed to UV radiation

Groundcover UV Stabilisation: What does it mean?

Polypropylene Woven Ground Covers lifespan depends on the level of Ultraviolet radiation that the material is exposed to. With all polypropylenes and plastics exposure of the material to sunlight affects the product. Ultraviolet rays characterised by short wavelengths are responsible for photo degredation. This is a mechanical process that results in the breakdown of polymers, greatly affecting the fabric’s properties.

Most geographical areas have varying UV exposure, for example the Sahara Desert has a higher UV exposure than the United Kingdom. In order to postpone the onset of deterioration Yuzet add UV stabilisers to our masterbatch of raw polypropylene. Each area is different and we determine the % to add based on the level of direct exposure to sunlight that the fabric will experience.

The Cabot Corporation in the USA has carried out extensive research on the levels of Ultra Violet exposure in different geographical areas all across the globe.

Our own market for example ( the United Kingdom ) has been found to be exposed to approximately 80KLy (kcal/cm2/year ). To counter this we add UV stabilisers to our manufacturing process ensuring that the fabric retains 70% of it’s strength after 2500Hrs of direct exposure to UV sunlight. Although still impossible to guarantee ,we calculate this ensures our product has an expected lifetime of 5 years.

As Groundcover is a large volume market, we strongly advise our clients not to store the rolls outside in direct sunlight for a lengthy period of time as it could affect the life of the product on final application. Simply cover with a tarpaulin or cover to protect the fabric if storing outdoors.