2 Metre White Ground Cover Fabric

Yuzet 100gsm White Ground Cover Fabric

Yuzet® White Ground Cover is a quality woven weed control membrane with lines to help planting and helps your fruit ripen more more evenly and improve your picking crop.

When using our brilliant White ground cover fabric there is no need for chemicals, you can simply strim down vegetation to ground level and ensure no tough fibrous stalks or weeds can tear the fabric then lay it. We always recommend using Yuzet® pegs to anchor the edges.

Benefits of Yuzet® White Ground cover

  • 100GSM
  • Brilliant for helping the whole fruit ripen evenly
  • Allows Air & Liquids to pass through to the soil
  • Can be used under decking without a mulch
  • Uses for weed control, Under Decking, Creating Organic Soil, Aggregate Garden Paths, Aggregate Driveway.
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