Huge Range

Garden netting is essential for any gardener or allotment. It protects fruit and vegetables from pests and birds. Laid directly over the crops, it can also be attached to canes or stakes to form temporary crop cages.

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Brand To Trust

Weedfabricdirect offer a variety of UV stabilised garden netting, meshes and fabrics to provide long lasting protection and piece of mind to our gardening community.

Yuzet is a well respected brand in the gardening and landscaping community, providing quality products at affordable prices.

Multiple Uses

Netting is used in such a wide range of applications it can sometimes get a little confusing, to help our customers we’ve assembled a range suitable to most applications. Most nettings can be used in all applications like protection against insects, as most only differ in mesh size and material.
If you are unsure of what netting you need call us and we can help you! The choices below are just typical applications you can find them in.

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