Plant Protection

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Plant Protection Fleece

Yuzet Plant protection fleece protects crops and plants from cold weathers by creating a micro climate and reduces the negative effects of sunlight and small insects in summer months.

Plant Covers

Our plant covers protect plants during the Winter Frosts from damage, easy to fit they come in four sizes and are secured by a draw cord affording time savings during application. Yuzet covers are best in class being produce in a 35gsm fabric. Green in colour..

Hessian Rolls

Hessian is more effective than plastic sheeting or rolls as it allows your plants to breathe and encourages air circulation. It also ensures heat isn’t trapped. Also helps against Winter Burn which is caused with depleted winter soil and winter sunlight. 100% Natural too.

What Plants need Protection In Winter

Not every plant in your garden requires protection during the Winter months. It’s really dependant on climate or mild / extreme winters.

If you live in an area with very little frost your plants may need no protection what so ever other than traditional mulch. In the UK however it’s widely considered some form of protection using the above products are required.

Plant type also comes into the decision making process, perennials are very durable in Winter and are fine as long as the soil isn’t boggy or badly drained.

Newly planted shrubs and trees will benefit hugely from Winter protection but may need less protection once established.

In respect of potted plants we’d recommend several layers of root protection.

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