1.5 Metre Weed Control Fabric

Yuzet 1.5m x 100m Premium Spunbond label
Yuzet 1m x 50m Standard Spunbond label

Avaiable in both Standard & Premium

Yuzet® non woven weed control fabric is primarily known as Mulch Mat . Similar names such as weed fabric or landscape fabric are also popular consumer words for the product. It is a spun bonded non woven lightweight weed fabric, porous construction and used to help suppress weeds in garden applications by blocking out harmful UV light from the sun.

Once laid and fixed ( we recommend yuzet® fixing pegs ) it will stop weeds penetrating from underneath but must always be covered with gravel, bark or a mulch.

The fabric allows water and nutrients to pass through the soil and the earth underneath which encourages a healthy growing soil. The product works due to it’s ability to block out harmful UV rays from natural daylight, without which weeds cannot grow.

We recommend this fabric for the following projects,

  • Landscaping
  • Pool liners
  • Hanging baskets and plant troughs
  • Flower beds
  • Garden borders

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