Yuzet 60cm x 5m Reflective Radiator Foil

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Yuzet Reflective Radiator Foil is an easy and cost-effective way of saving energy and reducing your heating bills. The membrane ensures that heat is reflected into the room and doesn’t get absorbed by the wall behind it.

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Yuzet Radiator Foil helps you save on heating costs and reduce your carbon footprint. It is extremely easy and quick to install and once in place it doesn’t require any further maintenance. The membrane works by reflecting radiator heat into the room which would otherwise be absorbed by the wall behind it. This means that you require less energy to heat a room to your desired temperature resulting in a lower energy bill.

Dimensions: 60cm x 5m

How to use:
Use scissors to cut the foil to the required size. Cut slits in line with the radiator brackets if required and put sticky tape in each corner and the foil. Position behind your radiator and apply pressure to securely fasten it to the wall.


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