Yuzet Green Camouflage Heavy Duty Tarpaulin

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Yuzet tarpaulins are superior to conventional tarpaulin and can be used for a wide range of applications.

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The edges of conventional tarps are usually sewn together and then cut to make room for metal eyelets. This weakens the material and as a result the tarpaulins can tear easily around the edges and eyelets. The edges of Yuzet tarpaulins on the other hand are folded over and then fusion welded which creates significantly stronger seams and a 100% waterproof fabric. The eyelets are ultrasonically welded, so there is no damage to the fabric and even under strain the material around the eyelets will not tear or break.

Yuzet tarpaulins offer UV protection for the entire lifespan of the product. UV filters and stabilisers are integrated into the material before the tarpaulins are produced. This means that the tarpaulins can be exposed to harsh weather conditions and still be UV- resistant in bright sunshine. Conventional tarpaulins usually have a UV resistant substance sprayed on after production which can easily ‘washed off’ in bad weather resulting in a short lifespan of the product.

Welded seams and eyelets provide extra strength

UV Stabiliser blended into the material

Waterproof and weather resistant

Remains flexible in both hot and cold conditions

Tested for outdoor weathering to DIN EN ISO 4892-3

Colour: Green Camouflage


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