Yuzet Jute Hessian Roll 1m x 10m – 320gsm

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Yuzet Hessian Yute Fabris is a 100% natural product that’s suitable for use on building sites, in gardens and for decorations. Use it to protect brickwork and mortar, as frost protection for plants or for upholstery.

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Yuzet Hessian Yute Fabric is a 100% natural product – biodegradable and recyclable. Also known as jute or burlap, it can be used to protect mortar and brickwork during cold spells. It is also frequently used with lime mortar as it allows carbonation to take place and when wet it prevents concrete or cement from drying out. In winter, hessian fabric makes excellent frost protection for plants and shrubs.

When used in gardening, hessian roll is a year-round solution for many issues: In winter you can use it as frost protection for plants, shrubs and trees as the tightly woven material has great insulation properties. In spring, the material retains moisture and helps seeds to start growing. In the summer month, Hessian fabric offers excellent protection from harmful UV. The material is also suitable for use in erosion control and a wide range of other applications in upholstery and other arts and crafts.

Weight: 320gsm

Width: 1m

Length: 10m

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