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  • Weed Control Fabric

    Yuzet 1.5m x 100m Premium Spunbond label

    Avaiable in both Standard & Premium

    Yuzet® non woven weed control fabric is primarily known as Mulch Mat . Similar names such as weed fabric or landscape fabric are also popular consumer words for the product. It is a spun bonded non woven lightweight weed fabric, porous construction and used to help suppress weeds in garden applications by blocking out harmful UV light from the sun.

    Once laid and fixed ( we recommend yuzet® fixing pegs ) it will stop weeds penetrating from underneath but must always be covered with gravel, bark or a mulch.

    The fabric allows water and nutrients to pass through the soil and the earth underneath which encourages a healthy growing soil. The product works due to it’s ability to block out harmful UV rays from natural daylight, without which weeds cannot grow.

    We recommend this fabric for the following projects,

    • Landscaping
    • Pool liners
    • Hanging baskets and plant troughs
    • Flower beds
    • Garden borders
  • Ground Cover Fabric

    Yuzet 100gsm Ground Cover Fabric Packaging Label

    Yuzet® ground cover is a quality woven weed control membrane with lines to help planting

    When using our ground cover fabric there is no need for chemicals or removal of weeds, you can simply strim down vegetation to ground level and ensure no tough fibrous stalks or weeds can tear the fabric then lay it.

    We always recommend using Yuzet® pegs to anchor the edges.

    Benefits of Yuzet® Ground cover

    • 100GSM
    • Allows Air & Liquids to pass through to the soil
    • Can be used under decking without a mulch
    • Uses for weed control, Under Decking, Creating Organic Soil, Aggregate Garden Paths, Aggregate Driveway.
  • Plant Protection Fleece

    Yuzet Plant Protection Fleece
    Yuzet Plant Protection Fleece

    Protect your plants from the elements and some pests. Once laid and fixed ( we recommend yuzet® fixing pegs ). YUZET ® Plant Protection Fleece keeps perishing cold, punishing heat and pests out while letting water and nutrients through.

    Typical uses for YUZET ® Plant Protection Fleece include

    • Frost & snow protection
    • Protects from strong sunlight
    • Keeps some pests out
    • Lets Water & nutrients through
  • Geotextiles

    Yuzet Geotextiles
    Yuzet 1m x 50m Standard Spunbond label

    It is perfect under slabs , and helps prevent slabs rutting. Once laid and fixed ( we recommend yuzet® fixing pegs ) yuzet ® geotextile fabric enhances the performance of granular layers and keeps each layer separated whilst providing filtration.

    Typical uses for Yuzet® Geotextiles include

    • Ground stabilisation
    • Around drainage materials
    • Under paved paths & roads ( prevents slabs rutting )
    • Car Parks and hard standing areas
    • Cycle ways
    • Footpaths
  • Grass Re-inforcement

    Grass Re-inforcement
  • Tree Care

    Tree Care
  • Garden Netting

    Types of Garden Netting, what they do, do you need them, which one?

    Weedfabricdirect offers many garden netting types under many different names and we produce the netting for many different brand names both here in the UK and overseas. Our Yuzet® garden netting ranges ensures we have a product for your application .

    We have a range of monofilament, steel, plastic , HDPE materials providing specific solutions for your garden requirements. If you require shelter, privacy, anti insect, debris, bird netting to name a few , I’m sure we’ll have it right here.


    A Guide to Yuzet® Garden netting


    Windbreak & Shade Netting

    This knitted netting is the dark green coloured one you’ll see in numerous garden, agricultural installations. It has two main benefits designed to protect your trees, plants & crops.

    Reduces wind by 50% of its strength

    Reduces sunlight by 50% of its strength

    Ideal for use as garden privacy fencing without obstructing the view . It’s also used round sports areas to reduce wind, such as tennins courts. It has fixing eyelets each metre



    Rokolene® Shelter Netting

    Weedfabricdirect are authorised to sell the Rokolene brand of shelter netting. It protects crops from hail wind and rain due to its tight construction. It also provides an effective Visual screen and helps with frost protection.



    Anti insect Netting

    Yuzet® anti insect netting is a close woven net primarily designed to protect crops and plants from cabbage root fly, carrot root fly and cabbage butterfly. As the years went by it became one of Europe’s leading insect nets for protecting crops from caterpillars, rabbits, birds wind and hail storms.

    It’s a soft lightweight netting UV resistant and controls the risk of cross pollination by insects.



    Pea & Bean Netting

    Our pea and bean netting is extruded plastic, durable ad is strong enough to support the heaviest or crops ( such as cucumbers ). Also know as “staking nets” , this netting is used primarily to support climbing fruit and vegetables such as peas, beans and tomatoes. This netting offers maximimum support and is more ECO friendly than traditional metal wire.



    Bird Netting

    Weedfabricdirect offer Yuzet® bird netting, we selected this product due to its flexibility.

    The netting is produced from UV stabilised knitted tapes and is also Rot Proof. The mesh size is 17mm x 17mm in diagonal form to ensure your plants are safe from birds.



    Galvanised Wire Netting

    Known as “chicken wire” weedfabricdirect offer one of the highest quality galvanised mesh fences in the market place. Our mesh is triple twist post galvanised with a hexagonal structure.



    Plastic Coated Wire Netting

    This fencing has been coated with a plastic finish to make it more appealing in garden environments. It’s still a triple twist galvanised wire mesh but potentially more soothing on the eye than “chicken wire”.



    Tree Guards

    During winter, trees need protected from strong winds and predators looking for food. These tree guards also are called rabbit sleeves, they are made from tough monofilament polythene mesh which is strong enough to keep predators at bay.



    Safety Fencing

    Yuzet® safety fencing is sold in large volumes around Europe protecting & highlighting construction sites whether temporary or permanent. It’s produced in Hi Vis Orange to ensure maximum visibility.

    It’s a very cost effective way of temporarily making safe large areas. Its also used as a crowd control barrier at festivals and sporting events not to mention kilometres of the product being used in ski resorts.



    Scaffold & Debris Netting

    Produced from strong waterproof UV stabilised polyethylene, Scaffold netting protects protects both workers and passers by . Sheltering workers from high winds, rain and general elements it also ensures falling debris is contained and hides slightly construction debris. Our scaffold netting allows 70% daylight to pass through its webbing. The netting can be installed both horizontally and vertically.



  • Wind & Shade Netting

    Lightweight, extremely durable and flexible windbreak / shade netting. Ideal for use in polytunnels, greenhouses , conservatories etc . Also used as a barrier against wind offering instant protection to crops, plants and gardens.

    Wind & Shade Netting Applications

    • Water Resistant
    • Tear Resistant
    • Knitted Eyelets for fixing
    • 50% wind protection
    • 110grammes per square meter
  • Galvanised Fencing

    Yuzet® wire netting is ideally used on perimeters around your garden to “contain” or “keep out”!

    Our product is steel, and has been galvanised to ensure it stands up to all the rigours it was designed for.

    Galvanised Wire Netting Attributes

    • Flexible , extremely strong
    • Hexagonal mesh
    • Triple Twist Construction
    • Galvanised
  • Canes & Supports

    Canes & Supports
  • Growing & Planters

    Growing & Planters
  • Garden Bags

    Organise your garden better with our garden bags

    We’ve manufactured these bags to be very versatile, in fact they can be moved whilst your crop is growing to suitable areas with more sun, indoor / outdoor.

    Strawberry Planting Bag

    • Ideal for use on balconies or patios
    • Comes with carry handle
    • Re-useable

    Potato Planting Bag

    • Comes with drainage holes & handles
    • 2 access points eliminates digging
    • Carry handles

    Carrot Planting Bag

    • Folds flat for storage
    • Re-useable planter
    • Can be used anywhere

    Patio Planting Bag

    • Tough Durable woven pp
    • Come with handles
    • Convenient size
  • Garden Tidy

    Garden Tidy
  • Garden Storage

    Garden Storage
  • Natural Screening

    Types of Garden Screening

    Weedfabric Direct stock four different kinds of privacy netting, the most popular being our natural screening.

    Listed below is the different products we offer which will hopefully help you choose the most suitable for your application.


    Natural Screening

    We offer 4 kinds of 100% natural screening for your garden, it’s easy to install and can be used on terraces or even inside too. Some clients have erected the screening horizontally to provide a shaded area but primarily it’s installed vertically as a natural fence.

    These natural strands & canes are held together in different ways, Reedcane by plasticised wire, half bamboo , willow & heather are all held together with galvanised wire.

    Type of Natural Screening we offer?
    • Natural Reed Cane Screening
    • Natural Split Bamboo Screening
    • Natural Heather Screening
    • Natural Willow Screening



    Texanet 85% shade Privacy Net

    Creates the necessary privacy in your garden terrace or balcony, it’s very light yet strong. Produced from HDPE ant is treated with anti UV additives which will protect the net from the suns strong summers rays.

    Offers 85% shade, The perfect choice round balcony’s or patio areas



    Sun Privacy Net

    This product is widely used around stationery areas such as kids play areas & car ports. Its ideal for shading these areas, reducing the effects of sunlight and heat. Very lightweight and produced from HDPE which gives it a robustness. Treated for anti UV, offers 70% protection.



    Fensanet Plastic Privacy Mesh

    Fensanet has been coated with a plasticised green finish , it’s a tough wire mesh ideally suited topanel construction or fence construction around patio areas. Widely used in the construction of aviary mesh cages or pigeon coups..



  • Crop Protection

    Crop Protection
  • Watering

  • Garden Furniture Covers

    Protect your Garden Furniture Investment!

    We stock two big brands of garden covers, Yuzet and Gardman , both considered to be industry leaders in the UK marketplace. We offer Premium (Polyester) and Standard ( Polyethylene) fabrics the specifications being as follows;


    Green 260gsm woven polyester with weatherguard™ treatment fr 100% waterproofing. Solid brass eyelets that won’t rust, pull cords and toggles for secure fitting. Integrated ventilation flaps to help prevent mould growth.


    Green 130gsm woven polyethylene, tough and durable. Aluminium eyelets and nylon tie cords for secure fitting to furniture. Tear resistant and easily washable. Offers excellent protection from rain, dust & snow.

  • BBQ Covers

    We stock two brands of BBQ covers, Yuzet® and Gardman.

    These are two quality brands, available in polyethylene and polyester fabric. Each cover comes with tie to ensure tight fit.

    Our BBQ Cover Range

    • Trolley BBQ Cover by Yuzet®, polyethylene, green - Dimensions 79cm x 51cm x 97cm
    • Kettle BBQ Cover by Gardman, polyethylene, green - Dimensions 75cm x 56cm
    • Extra large BBQ Cover by Gardman, polyethylene, green - Dimensions 122cm x 71cm x 76cm
    • Premium Wagon/Trolley BBQ Cover by Gardman, polyester - Dimensions 122cm x 71cm x 90cm
  • Rotary Line Covers

    Rotary Line Covers
  • Tarpaulins

  • Home Insulation

    Home Insulation
  • Patio and Drive

    Patio and Drive

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