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Bluecol Anti Freeze and Coolant 2 Year Protection Winter Antifreeze 5 Litre

Bluecol Anti Freeze and Coolant 2 Year Protection Winter Antifreeze 5 Litre

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Bluecol Anti Freeze & Coolant 

Bluecol 2 year blue antifreeze is a traditional methanol-free, Ethylene Glycol based antifreeze and engine coolant. Bluecol 2 year antifreeze can be kept in your radiator system all year round to maintain protection against winter freezing and summer overheating, whilst at the same time protecting the materials in the cooling system against rust and corrosion.

Bluecol 2 year antifreeze is suitable for all cooling system metals, including aluminium and iron. It does not evaporate in use and is not flammable.

Bluecol 2 year blue antifreeze and engine coolant does not incorporate Organic Acid Technology (OAT) and is suitable for classic & vintage vehicles.

Bluecol 2 year antifreeze conforms to BS6580 (2010) and contains a bittering agent to prevent accidental swallowing and consequential harmful effects to humans and animals.

Directions of Use

1. Drain and flush the cooling system with clean water.
2. Check all hoses, clips and joints for leakage- tighten or replace where necessary.
3. Refer to vehicle manufacturer’s handbook for the total volume of the cooling system.
4. Remove radiator cap and add antifreeze to a volume equal to 25%, 33% or 50% of the total coolant system capacity (depending on protection desired and top up with clean water to recommended fill level. Replace cap.
5. Run engine until it reaches normal operating temperature to remove any air locks.
6. Switch off engine and allow to cool. Remove radiator cap and top up with water if necessary. Replace cap.