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DEWALT D36000-LX D36000 Wet Tile Saw 1500W 110V

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The DEWALT D36000 Wet Tile Saw has a lightweight design, making it easy for one person to transport and set up. A plunge feature enables quick and easy cuts, with an integrated 45°/22.5° feature for quick angle cuts. There is also an edge guide with two positions (90° and 45°) for quick corner cuts.

Its stainless steel rail system is integrated into the tile saw frame, ensuring accurate cuts. In order to minimise over-spray and mist, the dual water nozzles can be adjusted for optimal water placement on the blade. Rear and side attachments can be attached to catch overspray keeping the water in the pan.

Supplied with a removable cutting cart for easy cleaning of the tile saw.


Input Power: 240V 1,600W, 110V 1,500W
No Load Speed: 4,200/min.
Max. Cut of Depth: 940mm
Blade Ø x Bore: 250 x 25.4mm
Weight: 45kg

DEWALT D36000 Wet Tile Saw 110V Version