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DEWALT DT1668-QZ Cordless Mitre Saw Blade For DCS365 184 x 16mm x 40T

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The DEWALT Cordless Mitre Saw Blades have been design for use with the DCS365 Cordless XPS Mitre Saw. The blades produce a higher quality cut with reduced tear-out and less vibration, increasing battery life. They also feature optimised grind angles and ultra sharp teeth with a new, thin plate design.

This DEWALT Cordless Mitre Saw Blade has the following specification:

Application: Plywood / Natural Wood / MDF.
Finish: Fine Finish.
Blade Diameter: 184mm.
Bore Size: 16mm.
Tooth Count: 40.
Kerf Thickness: 2.16mm.
Plate Thickness: 1.0mm.
Grind: ATB.
Rake Angle: +7°.