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DEWALT DT1946-QZ Cordless Construction Trim Saw Blade 136 x 10mm x 16T

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The DEWALT Cordless Construction Trim Saw Blade has impact resistant carbide teeth that help to reduce the chance of chipping or breaking a tooth. The ultra sharp carbide teeth mean less force is required when pushing the blade through the timber.

Its thin kerf blade design yields more cuts per charge, minimising battery drain, whilst the triple action sharpening process grinds the tip to a razor sharp edge providing a smooth finish. The fast, smooth cutting action and durable construction makes it ideal for demanding jobsite operations.

This DEWALT Cordless Construction Trim Saw Blade has been designed for fast cutting in wood and will fit the DW935 and DW936 models.


Blade Diameter: 136mm
Bore Size: 10mm
Tooth Count: 16
Tooth Config: ATB
Kerf: 1.66mm
Hook Angle: +20°