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DEWALT DT6956-QZ Extreme Masonry Drill Bit Set, 5 Piece

DEWALT DT6956-QZ Extreme Masonry Drill Bit Set, 5 Piece

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The DEWALT innovative Extreme masonry bit offers excellent quality for all types of masonry work. The drill bits last up to twice as long and delivers up to 50% more holes per charge than a standard masonry bit providing cleaner, more accurate holes for improved fixing.

The drill bits feature the following:
Unique Carbide Grade - optimum grade maximises durability.
Innovative Tip Design - unique design provides an efficient drilling action and reduced walking for greater accuracy.
Optimised milled flute - for fast drilling and special copper brazing to withstand high temperatures.

Typically used for drilling anchors, plastic plugs, fixings or pipe work clearance holes.
Suitable for masonry, brick, stone, tiles and light concrete.

The DEWALT DT6956 Extreme Masonry Drill Bit Set contains a selection of the most popular sizes.

Contains 1 of each, of the following sizes: 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0 and 10.0mm.