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Einhell 4139130 TE-DH 50 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer 1700W 240V

Einhell 4139130 TE-DH 50 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer 1700W 240V

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The Einhell TE-DH 50 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer is suitable for heavy demolition work tackled as a DIY project, the ideal tool for keen DIY enthusiasts. Robust and durable in construction, the demolition hammer is designed for demanding continuous operation. Carbon brushes, which switch off automatically, also prevent malfunctions and afford additional protection for the TE-DH 50. The soft start function guarantees safe operation.

Fitted with a vibration-cushioned main handle for low-vibration operations. The additional handle on the TE-DH 50 is designed to allow adjustment through 180° in the vertical direction and 360° horizontally, so the demolition hammer can be adapted flexibly to any working position. Its SDS hex tool chuck (30mm) allows for fast and problem-free tool changes. The robust 4m rubber cable provides the greatest possible mobility.

Supplied with: 1 x Pointed Chisel, 1 x Flat Chisel, 1 x Machinery Towel and 1 x Practical Transport and Storage Trolley.


Tool Holder: 30mm SDS Hex
Input Power: 1,700W
Impact Rate: 1,800/bpm
Impact Power: 50 joules
Power Cord: 4m
Weight: 18.37kg