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Lighthouse HL-TC6055-1 3W COB LED Swivel Base Torch 220 lumens (Blister Pack)

Lighthouse HL-TC6055-1 3W COB LED Swivel Base Torch 220 lumens (Blister Pack)

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The Lighthouse 3W COB LED Swivel Base Torch provides users with a multitude of features and benefits. Whether you use a torch at work, for a trade application or at home and for leisure and hobby activities. It has the latest technology COB (Chip on Board) LED work light panel on the side of the body, and also a traditional spotlight torch at the end, along with a red flashing hazard light on the back of the body. This enables you to use it in a number of ways to suit the task or environment you are working in.

Delivers an outstanding 220 lumens of light whilst the spotlight torch delivers an impressive 120 lumens. Making this an extremely versatile and useful light. Attached to the main body is a ratcheting base which allows the torch to be angled, enabling you to direct light where you need it. The base is also magnetic, so it can be attached to a radiator or car and shine light where you need it most. Ideal if you have to deal with a leak or change a wheel in the dark.

A fold-out hook allows you to hang the torch if needed. It is ideal to have in a glove box, toolbox, kitchen drawer and can be used anywhere, whether it be camping, fishing, working in the garage, loft, plumbing a bath or working on machinery where there is little or no light available.


Output: 120/220 lumens
Colour Temperature: 6500-7000K/7000-9000K
Run Time: 6-8 hours
Power: 3 x AAA batteries (supplied)
Dimensions: 215 x 50 x 50mm
Weight: 170g

This Lighthouse 3W COB LED Swivel Base Torch (L/HSWIVELP) is supplied in a blister pack.