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Unifix Coach Screws Hex Head BZP Various Sizes Box of 200

Unifix Coach Screws Hex Head BZP Various Sizes Box of 200

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BZP coach screws, also known as Bright Zinc Plated coach screws, are a specific type of coach screw with a surface coating for enhanced corrosion resistance and a visually appealing finish. Here's a detailed description of BZP coach screws:

  1. Material:

    BZP coach screws are typically made from steel. The term "Bright Zinc Plated" (BZP) refers to the protective coating applied to the screws.
  2. Zinc Plating:

    The screws undergo a process known as zinc plating, where a thin layer of zinc is electroplated onto the surface of the steel. This coating provides corrosion resistance, protecting the screws from rust and other environmental factors.
  3. Appearance:

    The zinc plating gives BZP coach screws a shiny and reflective surface, enhancing their visual appeal. This bright finish not only adds an aesthetic quality but also makes the screws more visible and easier to locate during installation.
  4. Corrosion Resistance:

    The primary benefit of the zinc plating is its corrosion-resistant properties. This feature is especially valuable when the coach screws are used in outdoor applications or environments where they may be exposed to moisture and varying weather conditions.
  5. Hexagonal Head:

    Like standard coach screws, BZP coach screws typically feature a hexagonal head. This design allows for easy installation using a wrench or socket, providing a secure and tight connection.
  6. Versatility:

    BZP coach screws maintain the versatility of standard coach screws and can be used in various woodworking and construction applications. Their corrosion-resistant properties make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects.
  7. Sizes and Lengths:

    BZP coach screws come in a range of sizes and lengths to accommodate different project requirements. The variety in lengths allows for flexibility in applications where specific penetration depths are necessary.
  8. Pre-Drilling Requirement:

    Depending on the type of wood and the application, BZP coach screws may require pre-drilling. Pre-drilling helps prevent splitting of the wood and facilitates a smoother installation process.

BZP coach screws are a popular choice for projects where both strength and aesthetics are important. The combination of the zinc plating for corrosion resistance and the classic coach screw design makes them reliable fasteners for a variety of construction and woodworking applications.