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Winter Wizard Ice Melt 5kg Tub

Winter Wizard Ice Melt 5kg Tub

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Winter Wizard Fast Melt 5kg Tub

Winter Wizard Heavy Duty De-Icer is designed to melt ice and snow fast. The product is 100% more effective than salt and lasts far longer, it will keep paths, roads, drives, car parks and stairways clear of ice and snow. The product is clean and totally soluble, leaving no dirty residue as standard brown rock salt would. It is manufactured from a non-hazardous formula and is not harmful to animals.


  • 1-6.3mm grain size
  • Effective at up to -12°C.
  • Made from a blend of chlorides and white de-icing salt.
  • More effective at lower temperatures than standard de-icers.
  • Lightweight.
  • Ideal for domestic use.