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Yuzet Capillary Plant Matting
Yuzet Capillary Plant Matting
Yuzet Capillary Plant Matting
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Yuzet Capillary Plant Matting

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High quality capillary matting transport water quickly & evenly over flat level surfaces allowing a large number of plants to be very easily watered & at the same time creating a good humid atmosphere.
Developed for greenhouses, indoor plants, seed trays etc.
Prevents over-watering - plants take up water direct from the root base as they need it.
Made from 100% recycled material.
Can be used either side, the white side aids Ripening during summer months and reflects the light, the darker side absorbs light during the winter months.

Field capacity = 3.6L
Capilliary rise = 7cm or more
Manufactured from recycled Viscose/Polyester

Please be cautious of cheaper alternatives as they tend to leave dry spots and leave plants without water
With Yuzet Matting the water wicks extremely well to all areas of the matting.

What is capillary matting?
Capillary mats distribute water from the soil so that plants are evenly watered. The advantage of watering from the bottom of the plant is better root development in the pot. Many companies that produce potted plants use these capillary mats or self-watering trays for irrigation.

How do you apply capillary matting to plants?
A capillary mat looks like a thick piece of felt. Cut it to fit the bottom of any watertight container, place it inside and water it until it is fully saturated. (The container's sides should be low enough that they don't block the light.) Then set your potted plants or flats of seedlings on the mat.

Can you cut capillary matting?
The capillary matting is easy to cut with scissors , is sold in metre lengths and can be used with the dark or light side uppermost.

How long do capillary mats last?
The mats themselves will generally last for around 2 years.

Are capillary mats reusable?
Capillary mats are reusable for an extended period of time, and easy to clean. They're great for sterilization and cleanliness.

How do you water a capillary mat?
Just set your pots on top, and the mat will absorb water from a container (or sink) to water plants through the drainage holes from the bottom up.


Actual Customer Comments:

I have bought cheaper capillary matting before and been very disappointed.
This stuff, however, is amazing.
It pulls water about 20cm up out of a resevoir via a 10cm wide strip and evenly distributes over the matting.
The matting is thick enough to ensure a good contact with the pots that are placed on it.
Remember to place the matting on some plastic sheeting - I use DPC which works really well.

Please Search for Yuzet DPC if this is required.